5 of The World’s Most Impressive Lakes to Visit


Nature lovers are spoilt for choice when it comes to holiday excursions, with there being literally thousands of picturesque sights to see all over the world. Lakes stand out as some of the most peaceful locales on Earth, so today we’re going to look at five of the world’s most impressive lakes to visit.

1. Atitlan – Guatemala

Lake Atitlan is without question one of the most exciting lakes to take a trip to on your holidays, regardless of how impressive it also is. The body of water is staggeringly situated directly in the middle of three live volcanoes, with locals “worshiping a god called Maximon, who is officially the god of rum and cigars.”

These local towns make great resting ports for any weary travellers looking to escape the excitement of exploding mountains and lecherous gods.

2. Louise – Canada

This lake, situated in Alberta, Canada, is arguably one of the most naturally beautiful currently in existence.

Lake Louise stands out in a nation of amazing scenery as the best because of the an incredible aquamarine/turquoise colour of the water there.

The sky blue tones are contrasted perfectly by a surrounding mountain range, while the monumental alabaster stone of the Chateau de Lake Louise looms out over the water.

Anyone with a penchant for photography should definitely jot this one down as a potential spot for their next snap-happy vacation.

3. Issyk-Kul – Kyrgyzstan

It wouldn’t be too absurd to surmise most people reading this list haven’t even heard of the nation of  Kyrgyzstan, let alone the lake of Issyk-Kul. However, the beautiful country is a destination you should definitely add to your bucket list, as a high, mountainous country, where you can hike or ride horses through spectacular, rustic scenery.

Lake Issyk-Kul is one such piece of scenery, with the vast body of crisp blue water running alongside the Tian Shan mountains in the east. Issyk-Kul is officially the 10th largest lake in the world and is sure to impress when you visit.


4. Pink Lake (Lake Hillier) – Australia

The unique Pink Lake in Australia (also known as Lake Hillier) offers something no other natural body of water can. The clue’s in the name here – with the Pink Lake standing out for its unique coloration.

In fact, “from above the lake appears a solid bubble gum pink” and is around 600 metres long. The Pink hue comes from algae which, at the right temperatures, begin to develop red pigments and give the lake an enchanted appearance.

Interestingly, the lake isn’t actually pink the whole year round, with the conditions needing to be perfect for the algae to develop the iconic red colouring.

5. Lake Geneva – Switzerland & France

Lake Geneva is said to date back as far as Roman times and currently stands as the separating border between France and Switzerland.

This huge mass of water is one of the largest natural lakes in the world and, along with its purpose as a national border, also lies at the foot of the Alps.

It’s a common sight to see people swimming in the lake by the shore, with Baby Plage being a popular spot to do this. People are encouraged to “bring a picnic and sit on the lakeside rocks or the rose gardens that line the Left Bank.”
These are just five of the most impressive lakes in the world, but there are many more out there. Why not check out one of these natural beauties when you’re next on your holidays?

Image: Lake Louise, Unsplash CCO

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