9 Things to Do Before an Ultra Long Flight

Long flights can seem to go on forever, but there are certain things you can do to lower the stress, and give yourself a fighting chance of at least enjoying it, and making it easier on the mind, body and soul.

1. Order any special meals

A meal breaks up a long flight, and makes it easier to digest in more ways than one! If you have any special dietary requirements, make sure you do it beforehand, to cut out stress whilst in-flight.

2. Check your seat assignment

Seat Guru is a great place to head to check out the seating arrangements of your particular flight, and it shows you the features of your chosen seat, allowing you to position yourself in the most comfortable part of the plane for you, e.g. near to/away from the toilet.

3. Double check!

Make sure you double and triple check your flight time, date, and departure terminal. This is where you can pick up any last minute hitches and correct them without major fuss. You should have checked your passport expiry date in time to renew it if necessary. Expiry dates can easily catch up with us and you need to have at least 6 months left on the passport to travel to most countries.

4. Order baggage

If you’ve waited until the last minute to book baggage on a non-refundable flight, just in case, then don’t forget to book it before you go – everyone needs clothes!

5. Get charging

My house is like the National Grid prior to going away, charging up my iPhone, Kindle, Laptop etc, and loading podcasts, in case the inflight entertainment isn’t great. I also update my iPod with the latest tunes, and load on any games I think might keep me occupied, to help make the waiting pass quicker.

6. Confirm your transfers/pick ups

When you arrive at the other end, make sure you have all your onward travel details confirmed, and printed out if necessary.

7. Check in with the bank manager

If you’re planning on using your debit or credit cards whilst abroad, make sure you call your bank ahead of time and inform them of your travels, so they can put a travel marker on your card, and don’t cut you off, thinking they’re being used fraudulently.

8. Think food and refreshments

To cut down on needing to buy expensive meal deals at the airport, pack some snacks and take a drink bottle to the airport, which you can refill on the other side of security. Your stomach will thank you for it.

9. Relax

Prior to a long haul flight, it’s important to relax as much as possible, and try and stock up on sleep. You’ll be crossing time zones, and jet lag could be an issue, so try and acclimatize as much as possible beforehand, by going to bed later or earlier, depending on which direction your travelling in.

Long flights might be a pain in the backside, but they get us to amazing places. Grit your teeth, try and sleep, and think of the end destination.

Image: Unsplash

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