New Relationships and Travel

Life has a habit of throwing up really bad timing. You decide to head off on some big travel adventure, and it’s Sod’s law that the love of your life will land in your lap. Despite this, the two can live very happily side by side with a little TLC, and it’s just a matter of balance, and maybe treading on eggshells for a little while first.


Reassure, reassure, reassure!

It might be the case that your new beau doesn’t quite understand why you keep gallivanting off to new shores, seeing new places, but maybe it’s because he or she isn’t used to it. Introduce them to your travel lifestyle in a more gentle manner, instead of just dropping your wish-list of destinations on them on the first date! If you see this new relationship going somewhere, then be honest that you enjoy travel, and you enjoy seeing new places, whilst working at the same time, but that you’re also very into having a normal life, and doing the normal dating thing. This is part of your life, not ALL of your life.


Keep it mainstream at first

Not everyone is into the backpacking lifestyle, or all that up on ways to save money during travel adventures, such as staying in hostels rather than five star hotels. Many people don’t understand that travel isn’t about holiday lifestyle, so for your first trip together maybe keep it a little more mainstream, staying in a hotel and doing the meals out thing, to introduce them slowly. Then on your second trip, try and throw in smaller details – it’s all about baby steps. Throw in lots of laughs and activities to do together too.



Any relationship is about compromise, so talk about places you can visit together, and be willing to bend and change your plans, although having said that there is a large difference between compromising and doing everything their way!


It’s good to talk

The honeymoon period of a new relationship might be exciting, but it’s also a confusing and weird time, and when you throw distance and time away from each other into the mix, you might find insecurity begins to seep in. If you can, try and sit down and talk about where your relationship is headed before you jet off on another trip, either alone or together. I’m not suggesting you ask whether he or she sees wedding bells, but try and establish whether they see your relationship as exclusive, and then go from there.


Sense and sensibility

For the unseasoned traveller, spending a large amount of money travelling the world might seem strange or abnormal, so it’s important to reassure your guy or girl that you’re not being frivolous with your money, that you’re sensible and saving too, and not just throwing all your cash into travel.



Despite all this, it’s important to gently get across that travel is a big part of your life, and part of who you are. You shouldn’t have to give this up, and anyone who asks you to just isn’t worth the time and effort. Despite this, it’s very possible to have the two living together side by side, and if you can see the world together, isn’t that a double-headed advantage?



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3 Responses to New Relationships and Travel

  1. Kaitlin says:

    I like this tips. The the new guy shows concern, I think it’s important to specifically address that concern, whether it be that you’ll cheat or that you’ll overspend and not be interested in saving for house/family etc.

  2. Jude says:

    It can be a bit intimidating when a girl has traveled a lot and you haven’t. As a bloke it feels somewhat unmanly for your girlfriend to be teaching you all the ins and outs of Thailand etc.

  3. Anna says:

    I totally agree with the post… however Jude is right. it might be intimidating for guys (it happened to me many times).

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